Saturday 22 September 2012

Just arrived back at my coastal home to find a surprise package  from the women who attended my Finding Artemisia : a journey into ancient women's business, Desert Retreat at Uluru, in Central Australia. Thank you wondrous women and thank you for your fine words too: "life-changing" "So much blossoming still...," "so much love and gratitude," "thank you for being our guide," "I've never felt so safe with a group before," "thank you for the opportunity to connect with such wonderful women," "Thank you dearly, beautiful and wondrous woman."
Our retreat was an image free zone, where we explored the negative body image and self image issues that hold us back AND in the presence of the ancient sacred women's areas, caves, billabongs and ponds we reached back in time and caught a glimpse of what those women had, some still have: a spirit of sharing, collaboration, holding, support, strong identity and belonging, in the absence of body image matters, competition, confused identity, anxiety, eating disorders, narcissism and vanity. What a joy to be free of these modern things. What  a taste of things to come for women willing to step forward into ancient wisdom. Come join us,

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