Monday 25 February 2013

International Women's Day

Women of the world unite for International Women's Day.
             You have nothing to lose but the false images that have been manufactured for you.  

Imagine whom you might have been had you been born into an image free world. 

I have been to such a women's world and tasted its freedom. I write about it in my book Finding Artemisia: A Journey into Ancient Women’s Business, a cross-cultural journey into the female mind and spirit.

It was in the central desert of Australia where I had the privilege of meeting  a community of women who did not define themselves by their physical appearances but rather by their valued roles as the guardians of children, the earth and each other.

These women knew their business. Do you know yours?


Have you lost the core of what it means to be a woman, free from society’s definitions?

Don't you want to get back your roots, away from the images society has made?

Come celebrate your essential self at my image-free website 
                                     where what counts is on the inside.

AND come on my desert retreats. 

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