Saturday 20 July 2013

Women, take your power...

While  women buy the youth card, they deny girls and younger women the guidance they need. While they chase the promises of cosmetic youth, they deny themselves the wisdom they deserve.
And at the same time, they fail to model womanhood for the young. 
Come on women, don't be afraid to take your power...Younger women depend on you.

"The Crone has been missing from our culture for so long that many women, particularly young girls, know nothing of her tutelage. 
Young girls in our society are not initiated by older women into womanhood with its accompanying dignity and power. 
With no inner wisdom figure to guide them, and no outward model to help them set boundaries and be their own person, young women often fall victim to false and superficial ideals, such as pleasing others. 
Ironically, they achieve their greatest success at the cost of their own emerging sense of self. "
-Marion Woodman & Elinor Dickson from Dancing in the Flames

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