Tuesday 15 July 2014

Island Women

I have just enjoyed a magical sojourn on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland. It's a fascinating island, made of sand and teeming with wild life. Fresh water lakes, sand dunes, bluffs, wild beaches and gorges excite the senses and re-ignite the ancient need to connect with Nature.

The spiritual home to its original people, it's easy to imagine what a paradise they enjoyed before being "visited" by white men. Abundant in food from the sea and land and with endless supplies of fresh water, this huge sand island was enjoyed by a number of tribes.

Today the presence of the indigenous peoples is still strong.  With some success to land claims, there is a sense of pride and the promise of a continuing future. I had the pleasure to meet some women actively involved in Indigenous art, culture and education programs: Island women.

I can't wait to go back next year and take some mainland women with me, on retreat. Together we will experience the magic of this island and the women who live there. Until then...