Friday 28 December 2012


Xmas is a strange tradition in the southern hemisphere, especially in Australia: an ancient land, travelled  by ancient peoples and only newly discovered by Northerners bringing their Yuletide Winter traditions: the Solstice celebrating the shortest day of the year, (in the blazing Australian heat), Christ-mas trees in a land where there is no December snow, hot meals and heavy wines in sweltering temperatures and other traditions that have nothing to do with this ancient land.

No wonder it is a strange time for many. Europeans transported to the Great South Land, clinging to what they know. And their children's children, desperately trying to replicate traditions that belong to the Northern Hemisphere.

And yet we gather, in Christ's name, at the Malls and at the butchers, in the hope of finding it, the allusive Xmas spirit.

What then of the loneliness, the feelings of separation, the drastic contrivances to come together to celebrate? in the face of a land that once held people throughout the millennia, without a mention of a boy born in Bethlehem.

And yet we gather, at the family tables, in our clans, to taste the joy that still belongs to us.  Miracle that it is. Xmas brings us together, in the way that tribes, long before the Christ, once did.  ALLELUIA!! 

Saturday 22 December 2012


As the song says: it's the end of the world as we know it. But is it? How many wake up calls do we humans need to change our ways? How many wars must be fought? How many women and children killed in the name of what, exactly? How many discussions about the right to bear arms?

Maybe that's why so many people believed, or wanted to believe the world would end the other day, because they feel so disempowered by the decisions that are being made by governments and corporations, despite the protests on the ground.

And then there are those who live in childish hope that things are going to change, without their participation. Suddenly the Mayans have the answer, not too many of them around to argue with.

Manipulated by the media and various other authorities, people now imagine that PEACE is just going to appear, without their efforts. Magically, because someone says so.

But the truth is until we find PEACE in our hearts, with our brothers and sisters and our neighbours, conflict will continue. And the way the world is armed, the only thing that may remain is PEACE, with no-one left  to enjoy it!

Sunday 16 December 2012

Where do the children play?

A child plays freely in the sand, (her parents  out of frame)...

On the other side of the world, schools are locked down, guns are freely accessed and mass shootings of innocent children take place where children should play.

How many more children have to die at the hands of gun toting, out of control, disturbed Americans before the country begins to ask the serious questions:

Why do Americans feel the need to be armed in so called peace time?

Why are young people trained to shoot? ( apparently this current assassin belonged to a rifle club)

Has America's  continuous involvement in war since and including Vietnam, brought war-like attitudes into its own back yard?

And should the country re-define the word "terrorism," to include the horror which occurs in American schools at the hands of its own?