Thursday 10 January 2013

Australia on fire

Pyromania is insidious. It takes our ancient love and connection to the magic of fire to a psychopathic level.

Who isn't fascinated by fire? its warmth, its wonder?

And yet that's not the only reason pyromaniacs deliberately light fires in the summer season.
The word mania holds the clue; the thrill, the impulse, the desire to attract attention, the power of a blaze from just a single match.

Mania of course is an illness. But when does it become a crime? When its effects destroy properties, livestock and homes?  And what about the human deaths?

It is impossible for most of us to comprehend the mentality of pyromaniacs. It also difficult to apprehend them, let alone prevent them from acting out. As for punishment...

All most of us can do is open our homes and hearts to those affected, until there is a mental health solution.

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