Sunday 16 December 2012

Where do the children play?

A child plays freely in the sand, (her parents  out of frame)...

On the other side of the world, schools are locked down, guns are freely accessed and mass shootings of innocent children take place where children should play.

How many more children have to die at the hands of gun toting, out of control, disturbed Americans before the country begins to ask the serious questions:

Why do Americans feel the need to be armed in so called peace time?

Why are young people trained to shoot? ( apparently this current assassin belonged to a rifle club)

Has America's  continuous involvement in war since and including Vietnam, brought war-like attitudes into its own back yard?

And should the country re-define the word "terrorism," to include the horror which occurs in American schools at the hands of its own?


  1. Great questions, and I wish I knew the answers. It's been noted that in the past 30 years, there have been 62 school shootings in the USA, seven of them occurring in the 2012 calendar year. I hope the US government learns quickly, before more innocent lives are taken.

  2. Hello Purple Dreamer. Many are wishing for the answers, I'm sure. But sometimes asking the question gets the conversation started and then someone takes it up. It has been said that we human beings are no less violent than we ever were, but when you consider the arms we have's a frightening thought. For the short term, I think gun restrictions should be called for and No-one under 21 years of age should be able to carry arms. AND of course, no-one with a mental health history.