Saturday 22 December 2012


As the song says: it's the end of the world as we know it. But is it? How many wake up calls do we humans need to change our ways? How many wars must be fought? How many women and children killed in the name of what, exactly? How many discussions about the right to bear arms?

Maybe that's why so many people believed, or wanted to believe the world would end the other day, because they feel so disempowered by the decisions that are being made by governments and corporations, despite the protests on the ground.

And then there are those who live in childish hope that things are going to change, without their participation. Suddenly the Mayans have the answer, not too many of them around to argue with.

Manipulated by the media and various other authorities, people now imagine that PEACE is just going to appear, without their efforts. Magically, because someone says so.

But the truth is until we find PEACE in our hearts, with our brothers and sisters and our neighbours, conflict will continue. And the way the world is armed, the only thing that may remain is PEACE, with no-one left  to enjoy it!

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